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I worked with pioneer ceramist Nina Hole back in the days

This year Nina Hole passed away. In 2008 I was lucky to work with Nina Hole for two weeks, making a public Sculpture with her team. Nina was world famous for her burning fire sculptures all around the world. This year Nina received the Honorary Member Award of National Conference of the education of Ceramic Art. She is educated in USA. In Denmark during the 90´s she started the ceramic CLAY museum and also the artists in residency place: Guldagergaard. In 2011 my Guldagergaard residency group of ceramists visited Nina and her architect husband in their cozy house with beautiful studio and architecture.

Here are some pics from the fire sculpture workshop in Lidköping,Sweden 2008.

First week building. Second week firing for four days and nights. The kiln sheets are removed during the top temperature about 1200 degrees.

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