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Name:        Birgitte Christens                                    email:

Studio Adr: Schleppegrellsgade 1 Kld.                    website:

                   2200 Copenhagen N                             mobile:     0045 ................

Born:          1982, Denmark                                     instagram: @birgittechristens


Higher Art Education:


2007-2009 Master in Art, School of Design and Crafts at Gothenburg University - HDK, Sweden (MFA)

2004-2007 Bachelor in Art, Bergen National Academy of the Arts - KHiB, Norway (BFA)

2006          Exchange student to Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design - CSM, London (BFA)

Other educations:

2018          3 months of Art Critic School hosted by Politiken, a leading Danish daily broadsheet newspaper, Cph


Work Experience:

2023-         Ceramic instructor, Keramikskolen in Copenhagen

2022          Art project with kids. Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation. Collab with Tingbjerg Skole & Fritid

2021          Art project with kids. Collab with Tingbjerg Skole & Fritid

2021          Public Sculpture project at Hollufgård, DK (collab of music, clay, wood, words...)

2020-24     Crafts & Design teacher at Next Tech School, Region Hovedstaden

2020          BANFF Centre for Arts, Canada, accepted me to work with Claire Twomey etc- All cancelled due to Covid-19:-(

2019          Invited for International Ceramic Conference at the 5th Hongguang Ziqi Ceramic Art Air exchange Festival, China

2019-         Ceramic Instructor at Youth School, Cph

2019          Artist in Residency at EKWC in the Netherlands for 3 months May-July

2018          Artist in Residency & Ceramic Instructor at Krabbesholm Højskole, Skive, Denmark for 4,5 months

2018          Joining Leksands Folkehögskola summer course with Chinese and Japanese... 

2017          Artist in Residency at SCCP The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan for 5 months

2017-         Member of Danish Crafts & Design

2016-         Member of VAK. Open (bronze) studios for professional artists, Jyderup.

2015          Artist in Residency at EKWC in the Netherlands for 3 months June-September

2014          Interviewed by TV2 News for ECCO´s exhibition ”My Disease in Disguise” Danish National TV

2014          Live Radio Interview in Denmark´s Radio Culture News P1 speaking about ”My Disease I Disguise”

2014          Interview to about my art piece; ”My Disease in Disguise”

         is a Danish based news website which write about contemporary visual artists


2012-2018 Ceramic employer at Ditte Fischer Copenhagen. Responsible for all casting porcelain production and

                  sponging products, shop steward etc. All products are handmade in Denmark.


2011-2012 Craft assistant for Signe Schjøth, Lars Rank and Bettina Schori in Designer Zoo Shop, Copenhagen V

2011           6 weeks Artist in Residency at Guldagergård, Project Network, Denmark

2011          Art Product sale to shops as Retro Villa in Cph K and Habengoth

2010-         Member of Art Clayspace group; A Ceramic Street Art movement, Cph.

2009          Owner and union member of art studio in Copenhagen N

2004-         Work of organizing exhibitions in several galleries with own art; Among Voss, Norway ´08, Malmø,

                  Sweden ´09, Strømstad, Sweden ´10, Skælskør ´11, Frederiksberg´11, Middelfart ´11, Denmark

2008          Art work, Painted a big fresco/Mural at Hotel Bloom in Brussels, room nr. 516, ELIA programme, December

2008          Ceramic assistant for Nina Hole on 4 metres tall stoneware sculpture, Public Art, Lidköping, Sweden

2008-2013 Co founder of Art group "Sikken fest/ What a Party" exhibition Møstingshus ´11, Frederiksberg



2023          Group show Galleri Nijenkap, DK "Egyptian artist in residency made ceramics" Tough Teeth" Aswan clay

2023.         Keramikfestival in Skælskør, Rådhuset. Apocalyptic Installations & Årets borddækning/dinner table, DK

2023          10th years Annirversary show at Galleri Nijenkamp, DK "Cover-Up"-Modern Potpourri Jars

2022          Neo Crafts Gallery, Cph Ø

2022          OsSolo Gallery, Cph V

2021          Solo Exhibition in Galleri Nijenkamp, Odense, DK "Can you breathe?" -body sculptures life size etc.

2021          Gesamtkunstwerk Outdoor Sculpture at Hollufgård, Odense, DK. Made at Tommerup Ceramic Center.

2021          Koldinghus Museum - The Biennale of Danish Crafts & Design (my 3rd time) Big award for the winner


2020-21     Århus Kunsthal, Påskeudstillingen/Spring Exhibition. "Threat is Here" & "Acid Rain" Covid-19 Postponed!

2020          Kaunas Picture Gallery of M.K. Ciurlionis Art Museum, Lithuania, Group show: Kaunas Bone China Symposium

2019.         Designmuseum Denmark, Christmas market, as member by Danish Crafts & Design hosts, DK

2019          5th Hongguang Ziqi Ceramic Art Air Exchange Festival, Oct-Nov, Yixing, China

2019          EKWC- 50 years anniversary Group show, Sep, The Netherlands

2019          Rebildcentret, DK "Klimakunst - Nordic expressions" presenting: "Acid Rain" & "Bildæk" May-August

2019          Spanish 9th Biennale of Ceramics in Talavera May-June presenting: "Feed me!" Big sculpture May-June



2018          Solo exhibition "You are the lucky consumer" at Krabbesholm Højskole in Skive, DK

2018-19    "Japan Retur" at A. Petersen Gallery.     

                  Grants from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2017 to travel or co-work with Japan. Kløvermarksvej 70, Cph S

2018          Ann Linnemann Gallery, Contemporary Ceramics Cph "Mesterværker af 60 keramikere-10 års jubilæum" Jeg                          udstiller "Side Effects" & "Child´s pose" 1. marts-14. april 2018


2017          Solo Exhibition, Officinet, Bredgade 66, Copenhagen K, November 2017.

2017          Fujiki Gallery, "Frontier", Global art by 3 artists KR, JP, DK - Communication through Ceramics, Japan

2017          The Biennale 2017 Danish Crafts & Design "Liggende Kvinde"-Woman on the floor. Museumsbygningen, Cph Ø

2017          Ann Linnemann Gallery - Contemporary Ceramics Copenhagen, "Dialog - Love Difference" Group Exhibition


2016          Kødbyen 74, Staldgade 1699 Cph V, Group exhibition of various contemporary artists from US & EU

2016          Ann Linnemann Gallery - Contemporary Ceramics Copenhagen, "Toy Exhibition" "Gnækkende Gubbe"

2016          Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Spring Exhibition - Contemporary Art, "Blue Legs" Juried Exhibition, Copenhagen, DK


2015          EKWC residency exhibition, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands

2015          The Biennale 2015 at Danish Crafts & Design, "My Disease In Disguise" Juried Exhibition, Carlsberg, Cph V


2014          Viborg Art forum, Pakhuset, Disturbed Bodies, Solo Exhibition.

2014          Bella Center, "My Disease In Disguise". Abbvie, ECCO – European Crohn´s and Colitis Organisation, Cph


2013          Officinet, Danish Crafts Gallery in Bredgade, Sikken Fest/What a Party, Copenhagen K


2012          Grimmerhus, Ceramic Museum, Match boxes curated by Nina Hole, Skælskør

2011          Höganäs Art hall, Ceramic exhibition curated by Morten Løbner Espersen, Sweden

2011-12    Grimmerhus Ceramic Museum, Project Network 1, 2 & 3, Skælskør

2011          Møstingshus, Sikken Fest/What a Party, Frederiksberg

2011          Guldagergård, Project Network and Match boxes curated by Nina Hole, Skælskør


2010          Gallery Two Little Birds, Café & Crafts, Gothenburg, Sweden

2010          Röhsska museum, Juried Art Show, "Cream Boxes", Gothenburg, Sweden

2010          Lokstallet, HDK Master degree in ceramic 2009, Stømstad, Sweden


2009          Design and Formcenter, HDK Master degree in ceramic art 2009, Malmø, Sweden

2009          Gallery Rörstrand Culture Forum, East Coast Meets West Coast, HDK & Konstfack exhibition, Lidkøping

2009          Röhsska museum, Gothenburg, HDK Master degree 2009


2008          Hotel Bloom, Brussels, Fresco Painting, Room 516, Belgium

2008          400 metre art, Voss, Norway

2008          Formargroup, Malmö, Just a cup, Sweden 2007          KHiB, Bergen, Bachelor degree, Norway 2007

2006          Gallery Østre Skostrædet, Bergen, Norway

2005          Gallery Utsikt, Bergen, Solo exhibition "Invasion of killer snails", Norway

2004          Gallery Fish, KHiB student gallery, Bergen, Norway


Selected grants, some residecies & symposiums contributed support as well, Covid-19 cancelled planned symposiums:

2024          The Danish Arts Foundation/ Statens Kunstfond. Visiting Artist Fellowship, at Creative College, Detroit, USA ´25

2023          The Danish Arts Foundation/ Statens Kunstfund. Work grant - Arbejdslegat. Went to Cairo Darb Art residency, DK

2022          The Danish Arts Foundation/ Statens Kunstfond. Huskunstner-ordningen (artist in collab with children), DK

2021          The Danish Arts Foundation/ Statens Kunstfond. Work grant - Arbejdslegat, DK

2021          The Danish Arts Foundation/ Statens Kunstfond. Grant for "Participation for Danish shows & residency", DK

2021          Hollufgård. Artist in residency, Gesamtkunstwerk 2 months May-June. Opening July 1st. Open July-Oct, DK

2020          Vilnius Arts Academy, Lithuania. To Bone China Symposium in Kaunas, LI

2019          The Danish Arts Foundation/ Statens Kunstfond, Chinese travel support and Christmas Design market support

2019.         Sundaymorning@ekwc grants, European Ceramic Work Centre residency, The Netherlands, NL

2018          3 months of Art Critic School hosted by Politiken, a leading Danish daily broadsheet newspaper, Cph

2017          The Danish Arts Foundation/ Statens Kunstfond, Japanese Working Grant

2016          The Danish Arts Foundation/ Statens Kunstfond, Working Grant for New Projects

2015          Sundaymorning@ekwc grants, European Ceramic Work Centre residency, The Netherlands, NL

2011          De Bielkeske scholarships for Guldagergård residency, DK

2011          Union Teknisk Landsforbund pays for opening at Sikken Fest/ What a party, Møstingshus

2009          Danish Crafts pays for photography & printed catalogue exhibition, Sikken Fest/What a Party, Møstingshus, DK

2009          Rörstrands Culture forum, Working Scholarship, SE

2008          Bloom Hotel in Brussels, travel, stay & salary, BE

2008          Adlerbertska traveling Scholarship to Barcelona, HDK Master Students at Ceramic Art Department, SE

2008          Adlerbertska Scholarship in HDK, Gothenburg, SE

2006          Erasmus Exchange College residency to London at Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, NO


Selected Press/Catalogue:

2021         Biennale of Danish Crafts, Taiwan Art magazine, Dutch De Kleine K, Kunsthal Århus, Hollufgård.

2019         Photo of "Acid Rain" in Roldskovbladet about Climate Art Exhibition

2018         Weekendavisen and Politiken etc. reviews "Japan Retur" A. Petersen gallery, Cph

2017         Catalogue by the Biennale at Danish Crafts 2017

2016         Catalogue by the Biennale at Danish Crafts 2015 has now arrived

2016         Catalogue by Charlottenborg Kunsthal-Spring Exhibition

2015         I give interview to Dutch local television in Oisterwijk about EKWC residency stay

2014         Berlingske Tidende, Danish national newspaper “My Disease In Disguise”

2014         TV2 News Danish National television interview “My Disease In Disguise”

2014         Spanish television interview “My Disease In Disguise”

2014         Denmark´s Radio live interview in Cultural News P1 evening programme “My Disease In Disguise”

2014 article “My Disease In Disguise”

2014         Huffington Post, cronic disease article about Abbvie´s artists. “My Disease In Disguise” is published, USA

2014         Canadian woman phd, interviews me about “My Disease In Disguise”

2014         Viborg local news paper about solo exhibition in may

2014         Blaamejsen made a big report with many images from my solo exhibition in Viborg Pakhus


2011         Catalogue made by Sikken fest/ What a party art group with our Møstingshus exhibition

2011         Catalogue Guldagergaard project network 2

2010         TV in Sweden Local news about our HDK Master class Exit 2009 at Lokstallet

2009 Article by Jenny Fornell highlights my MA work “Dinner is served” with vultures at

                 Røhsska Museum in the baroque department, Sweden



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