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3.CallGirl_You dial my number darling
current exhibitions
Link to Kaunas´art website w pictures of me during work in Kaunas, Lithuania 2020:
3 weeks Symposium & Exhibition in Kaunas 2020
Bone china porcelain, artshow in Lithuania, Kaunas Picture Gallery 2020 Aug-Sep.
Artists Easter Exhibition, DK
Opens in 2021 due to Covid-19 cancellation! Århus Kunsthal
China: The 5th Hongguang Ziqi Air Ceramic Art Exchange  Festival 2019
Oct 14th- Nov 3rd 2019. 
EKWC´s 50 years anniversary exhibition
Opening Sep 14th-15th 2019.
The Netherlands.
Climate Art - Nordic
expressions Group Show in Rebildcentret, DK
Opening 26th May 2019. 
Ends 31th Aug 2019.
9th Ceramics Biennale in Talavera, Spain 2019
Opening 24th May 2019. 
Ends 29th June 2019.
A. Petersen Gallery in Cph 
"Japan Retur"
DK Artists who were in or co-worked with Japan 2017
Opening 4th Oct 2018 4 pm. 
Ends 28th Feb 2019.
Køvermarksvej 70, Cph S.
latest news
Koldinghus museum,Biennale of Danish Crafts & Design ´21
25 selected artists from DK
2 art articles spring in  ´21
Interview in De Kleine K no.75 & in   Taiwan
Solo exhibition in 2021, DK.
30th April-30th May Odense
Public Sculpture project in progress at Hollufgård, DK
Covid-19 postponed to ´21. Artists Easter Exhibition
KP20 in Århus Kunsthal
Vernissage 28.03 2pm-5pm
Exhbition period  29.3-26.4.20
3 weeks Symposium at 5th Hongguang Ziqi Air Ceramic Art Exchange Festival
Oct-Nov 2019,China
Artist in Residency, ekwc
May-July 2019,Holland
Klimakunst - Climate Art
Nordic expressions "Acid Rain" & "Bildæk"
May 26th-August 31th 2019
Spanish Biennale Talavera with big bird/human sculpture "Feed me!"
May 24th-June 29th 2019
opening hours
 Tuesday - Saturday 
 10:00AM - 06:00PM 

Please note we are closed on Sunday. On Mondays we are only open by appointment.

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